What KT Tape is?

If you’re training for your first marathon, another Gold Medal, or just spectating with intensity, you already know that nothing slows you down faster than an injury.


You could always load up on pain meds or just be content to sit on the sidelines but quitting isn’t an option and pain meds can be dangerous So maybe you try wearing a brace or wrapping it with athletic tape but those are restrictive, uncomfortable and make you look like…yeah…him.


Fortunately, there’s an alternative that’s clinically proven, athlete tested, and used by millions of people world-wide. It’s called KT Tape. KT Tape is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and used to treat and prevent hundreds of common injuries such as knee pain, shin splints, and tennis elbow.
And KT Tape not only looks good, it provides 24 hour relief per application for days at a time and can be worn in water. Try that with a brace.


Let’s say you just finished your favorite workout and now your lower back is killing you. KT Tape provides targeted pain relief by relieving pressure and increasing circulation to help speed recovery.
Or maybe the last time you went jogging you tweaked your knee and now it hurts to run or walk up the stairs. KT Tape provides stability and support for joints by providing an external layer of support around the joint. And it comes ready to apply right out of the box, already precut so you don’t have to worry about…yeah…that kind of stuff.

Just watch the instructional video, apply the tape, and you’re ready to play again. GO AHEAD PLAY HARDER.